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wushu shoes  from china. shipping around the world.

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feiyue shoes

      Feiyue is the oldest chinese brand of shoes, manufactured by the Dafu company. Always in stock in Wudao!

"Feiyue" wushu shoes

Material: cotton
Size: 27-47
Color: black and white

 $ 12

velcro "Feiyue" wushu shoes

Material: cotton
Size: 23-44
Color: white

 $ 19

What are the advantages of feiyue shoes? 

They perfectly imitate the shape of  human feet. Feiyue are suitable for everyone regardless of gender and age. If you are looking for inexpensive but reliable shoes for training, then these shoes are the best choice for you.

Thanks to the soft, cotton material, Feiyue perfectly breathe, absorb moisture and unpleasant odors. Your  feet will always be dry.

Made of high quality cotton thread, laces run in steel eyelets. Tied in a knot, laces securely hold the foot in shoes and do not let it untied at an inopportune moment.

Feiyue's sole is  made of soft, quality rubber. It perfectly protects the muscles, bones and tendons, amortizer shock and load on the lower limbs, spine and waist. That is why parkour fans use Feiyue in their trainings. 

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